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Who I work with

The common thread between all of my clients is not What type of work they do, but their desire to change The Way they do it.  Many of us have developed habits that lock us into our "current way” of doing things.  It's our comfort zone.  When our "current way" does not evolve with new demands of our changing circumstances, we can feel stuck or less effective (and it’s not much fun!)  Perhaps a “new way” of leading would better serve us.  But what is it and how do we get there?  This is where coaching comes in.


I like to think of a coach as someone to help us navigate change.  My coaching methods are based on Integral Coaching Canada’s leading edge approach to change- Integral Coaching®.  In short, it offers a comprehensive map for your journey.  It reveals blind spots and comfort zones of your current way of being.  It also offers new ways of leading-  illuminating new paths, ways of acting on them, and checking to see how it’s going.



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Benefits of Coaching


The biggest benefit of this coaching method is it leads to change that sticks.  Why?  Because it builds “muscles” (skills) that help you get to where you want to go, and stay with you long after our coaching engagement is complete. 

Coaching also offers the opportunity to live and lead in ways that are more in line with who we truly are.  My belief is, the more we align who we are with how we live-  the more we unlock our true potential.  It is from here that we do our best work and find our best selves.  


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